How Do I Use It?

Using the Sweat Mate is easy. Simply fold it up, and tuck it into your gym bag. Or swim bag. Or dance bag – you get the idea. Once you have stripped off the wet and sweaty clothes, stuff it in your Sweat Sack, cinch it shut, and toss it in your gym bag. Now your other items in your gym bag are SAFE from the mess! See below for how to wash it up.

How Do I Wash my Sweat Mate?

Washing your Sweat Mate is easy!  If it’s not a soggy mess inside, you can turn it inside out, and rinse the liner off with warm water in the sink. Left your clothes in there for a week on accident? Just toss it in the laundry with the rest of the mess. Wash it on a gentle, cold cycle. Be sure to line dry only – keeping it out of the dryer will protect the waterproof liner and extend the life by years!

What Size Do I Need?

Here is a quick rundown of what each size will hold:

  • SMALL: Holds a pair of shorts and tank top or sports bra. Perfect for a yoga costume.
  • MEDIUM: Holds your shorts, shirt, and a small workout towel.
  • LARGE: Holds your shorts, shirt, and a large bath towel.

Medium is our most popular size!

Where Are They Made?

The Sweat Mates are made lovingly with local hands here in Denver, CO. USA!

How Long Do They Last?

I am STILL using one of the first Sweat Mate prototypes sewn up in 2006! And it is still going strong. There really is no reason this shouldn’t last you darn near a lifetime if you take proper care of it. However, if you find a defect or need a replacement, contact us, and we’ll be happy to work it out.

Are They Truly Waterproof?


Well, there IS a small hole at the top of the bag formed from the cinched drawstring, so TECHNICALLY, if you filled it with water THEN turned it upside down, water would spill out the hole. However, we find that this still keeps all the wet stuff perfectly contained, and even contains the smell!

The liner of the bag is 100% waterproof, however. Go ahead, fill it with water and see for yourself!