Washable, Reusable Bags for your Wet and Sweaty Clothes

As Seen in the NY Times

Featured in the New York Times 2019 Holiday Gift Guide


Dump your wet clothes into the laundry. Turn your Sweat Mate inside out, and rinse off the liner in the sink. Or, toss it in with the rest of the laundry.


Fold it up. Pack it into your workout bag. Stuff it with the sweaty stuff. Dump it into the laundry. Repeat.

Environmentally Friendly.

Each reusable bag you use can potentially save 700 plastic bags from ending up in landfills. Yup, you are making the difference!

A Simple Solution.

A washable, reusable bag perfect for storing sweaty gym clothes. After your gym workout, hot yoga class, or swim, toss that mess into this bag for wet gym clothes.  The Sweat Mate is the answer to how to pack sweaty clothes, and even how to store sweaty gym clothes at work!

Meeting Your Needs.

What to do with sweaty gym clothes? Whether it is wet towels, a wet swimsuit, sweaty gym clothes, or wet yoga costumes, The Sweat Mate is there for you. Choose from 3 different sizes, many different colors, and either the classic drawstring bag, or the backpack option (only available on select fabrics). Let THIS bag be the stinky bag (or the sweaty bag), and save your gym bag!

Easy To Use (And Reuse).

Just shove your damp clothing into the bag, cinch closed, and toss in your gym bag. Wash on a gentle cycle and line dry when needed, and use over and over again! Very easy care for this sweaty gym clothes bag!

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